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Common Air Conditioning Repairs Our Palm Beach County Professionals Conduct

air conditioning repairs palm beach county flAt Florida Air Temp Inc., our Palm Beach County air conditioning contractors have seen just about everything that can go wrong with a residential HVAC system. We have been assisting local homeowners with their AC repair needs since 1990. Throughout this time period, we have made it our mission to ensure that our customers always have a reliable source of cool comfort in their properties by providing top quality air conditioning repairs in Palm Beach County.

One of the major reasons that it is hard to understand air conditioning repairs is that without the proper training and experience it can be nearly impossible to know what is wrong with your system. In order to help our customers better understand the problems that are affecting your air conditioner, our Palm Beach County professionals have provided the following guide. Here are some of the most common air conditioning problems that we are called upon to repair.

Inadequate Maintenance

By far, the most common reason that air conditioners fail or breakdown is inadequate maintenance. Your air conditioning system is a complex machine with many moving parts. During the winter, your AC unit remains dormant. However, once we get back into the early spring, your air conditioner is again placed in high demand.

In this transition, minor problems with your air conditioner can become severely exacerbated. It is vitally important that you conduct annual maintenance on your HVAC system to prevent this type of damage. Our Palm Beach County air conditioning repairs team can provide for both your air conditioning maintenance and repair needs.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your air conditioner is not properly charged, it will not operate efficiently and effectively. A refrigerant leak can cause severe problems with your system. Identifying and repairing the leak can be extremely difficult. At Florida Air Temp Inc., our Palm Beach County air conditioning company is adept at refrigerant leak repairs and recharging. After our efforts, your unit will once again provide for your comfort needs.

Electronic Control Failure

Your air conditioner has a wide variety of electrical contacts and connections. Over time and after heavy use, these electrical control systems can become loose or corroded. Our Palm Beach County air conditioning contractors can troubleshoot your electrical control devices. We can repair or resolve any issue that we find.

Drainage Problems

In order to operate efficiently, your air conditioner must have adequate and unobstructed drainage. Humidity levels and clogged air filters can lead your AC to suffer from drainage problems. Our Palm Beach County air conditioning technicians can find and repair any drainage related issue that is affecting your HVAC system.

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